5 Reasons to Start Drinking Jitterless Coffee

5 Reasons to Start Drinking Jitterless Coffee | Quokka Brew

For everyone, whom making and drinking a daily cup of coffee is muscle memory at this point, how many of you still experience those coffee jitters 30 minutes after your last sip, or even that 1pm fatigued feeling when you still have five hours left in your workday? Wouldn't it be great to still enjoy a rich coffee taste and get the energy from natural caffeine, we all love, without the negative side effects? Well YOU can with jitterless coffee. Here are 5 reasons why you should swap in jitterless coffee for that cup of jittery coffee: 

1. Experience the Energy without the Jitters 

Quokka Brew's Jitterless Coffee contains an all-natural and organic blend of amino acids and nootropics that is scientifically proven to physiologically counteract the extreme effects of caffeine on the body, like the jitters and shakiness. Allow yourself to drink that morning cup of jitterless coffee, be worry-free about the jitters inhibiting your productivity, and instead experience a long-lasting calm-focus to start your morning off right.

2. Eliminate the Afternoon Slump or Fatigue Known as the "Crash" 

Whether you drink your cup of coffee at 7am, 8am, or 9am, most of us have all felt that feeling exhaustion and decline in energy when the clock ticks past noon. Similar with our proprietary method of eliminating the jitters, our patent-pending blend of organic amino acids and nootropics maintains the body's optimal energy level homeostasis, so that you feel invigorated over a longer lasting time period as the caffeine is broken down in the body's bloodstream. Don't let the mid-afternoon slump ruin your productive flow and be another burden on your shoulder, just try jitterless coffee!

3. Enjoy the Traditional, Classic Coffee Taste 

You must be wondering if our proprietary amino acid blend dilutes or lessens the coffee taste. Absolutely not! Quokka Brew's Vanilla Oat Milk Jitterless Coffee has the traditional coffee taste with a hint of madagascar that is sure to brighten up your tastebuds. But on top of the coffee taste, your tastebuds will be welcomed with the richness and earthiness of organic oat milk. Combining our amino acid blend, cold brew black coffee and oat milk, Quokka Brew's jitterless coffee is sure to overtake your current cup of coffee for first place. Don't believe it, give it a try. 

4. Get a Healthier Morning's Cup of Coffee

Comparative to other high-sugar and high-caloric, ready-to-drink coffees on the market, Quokka Brew's Jitterless coffee is only three grams of sugar and 60 calories. Making it a convenient and healthier alternative to your morning coffee. Most often, the amount of teaspoons of sugar added into a morning cup, or the already-added sugar into your favorite coffee creamer, is overlooked, yet can add up over time. With Quokka Brew's Jitterless Coffee, you won't need to worry about estimating the amount of sugar, or looking for creamer alternatives, you have a jitterless and healthier coffee alternative all in one. 

5. No Need to Look Twice at the Ingredients 

These days there are so many coffees on the market with ingredients we don't know of or even know how to pronounce. With Quokka Brew's Jitterless coffee you can be confident that we only source and use all natural, organic ingredients to make our one of a kind jitterless lattes. In our vanilla oat milk lattes, we use fair-trade cold brew coffee, rich and creamy oat milk, a hint of madagascar vanilla, and our all natural and organic jitterless blend. We strive to inspire our consumers happiest, best self one quokka brew at a time, made from the freshest and ethically-sourced ingredients.