Quokka Brew is the market's first caffeinated Jitterless coffee®. Our team partnered with food scientists and chemists to develop our proprietary, patent pending blend, which is scientifically proven to eliminate the jitters, anxiety, and the crash we experience from caffeine. 

By nature, caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, meaning it constricts our blood vessels—leading to a decrease in blood flow. This causes an increase in our heart rates, and results in us feeling jittery and anxious. Quokka Brew's natural ingredients are vasodilators—meaning they allow our vessels to dilate and blood to flow more freely; therefore, our heart rates remain constant and we do not feel the negative side effects associated with caffeine. 

Additionally, Quokka Brew infuses ingredients such as blueberry extract and green tea leaf extract which have been proven in studies to boost immune health, mental clarity, and overall focus.

All Quokka Brew products are fully vegan and organic, with only 1 gram of sugar and 15 calories.

Quokka Brew energizes you without the negative side effects of caffeine, giving you the power to be your happiest, best self!

Got any more questions? Feel free to email us at info@quokkabrew.com!