How To Get Rid of Caffeine Jitters!

How To Get Rid of Caffeine Jitters! | Quokka Brew

We all know the feeling far too well. The body shakes, the jittery hands, the inability to focus on the task at hand.

But what is this feeling?

What are caffeine jitters?

Why do they come at the worst time possible?

And most importantly how can you get rid of caffeine jitters?

The answer is simple. Caffeine is a natural vasoconstrictor, meaning that it constricts blood vessels when it is consumed. This constriction causes your heart to pump harder in order to get blood to where it is needed. This is why you see an increase in heart rate (that beating feeling in your chest) and your hands start to shake.

One point about caffeine that is especially interesting is that it does not affect everyone equally, certain factors including; age, weight, sex, and genetics can cause a person to be either hypersensitive to caffeine or not sensitive at all. 

So, now that you know what causes caffeine jitters, how can you get rid of them?

Easy. Just never drink coffee again. I’m joking… Quokka Brew was specially formulated to eliminate this exact problem.

Quokka Brew created a blend of amino acids and nootropics that act as vasodilators, returning your blood vessels to their normal size and offsetting the constrictive effects of caffeine. What this means, is that Quokka Brew solved one of the problems that has plagued caffeine consumers since the dawn of time.

But, Quokka Brew didn’t just stop there, this blend also includes ingredients such as blueberry extract and green tea leaf extract which have been shown in studies to increase focus, cognition, and mental clarity.

So next time you’re sitting there in your chair and you feel the caffeine jitters coming on with your hands shaking and the world closing in on you, ask yourself “why are you settling for less?” Why do you continue to drink coffee that leaves you feeling like a wreck instead of your happiest best self?

Don’t just google ‘How to get rid of caffeine jitters’ make the switch that’ll leave you feeling better than ever.