Quokka Brew at the SF Coffee Festival 2019

Quokka Brew at the SF Coffee Festival 2019 | Quokka Brew

What’s the brew?

            On the first weekend of November, Quokka Brew was honored to take part in the annual SF Coffee Festival 2019. On Saturday and Sunday, a couple of our Board members enjoyed giving samples to Bay Area locals who were dying to know: “What makes it Jitter-less??”
            Our team members, most of whom were experiencing their first ever trade show, were ecstatic to explain that the secret behind our jitter-free caffeinated beverage is our organic blend of amino acids! Quokka Brew is different from all others on the market, and the excitement was evident in the reactions of the coffee enthusiasts who sampled our coffee. A number of coffee vendors shared similar curiosity about our unique blend and were friendly in sharing stories about their own journey in the coffee industry. Their eagerness to know how a few UC Berkeley students invented this unique coffee blend was especially encouraging.

            “We’ve had a great response around UC Berkeley’s campus, but it was super exciting to see this many coffee enthusiasts really love our product!” exclaims Kevin Borgh, Quokka Brew’s Chief Operating Officer.

            To the members of Quokka Brew, the SF Coffee Festival was the epitome of Quokka Brew’s culture. The “work hard, play hard” nature that our brand embodies was put into practice as the members worked from 5 am- 7 pm with nothing but Quokka Brew on their mind! Despite the tiring weekend, the team was energetic and enthusiastic about the opportunity to share its mission with the Bay Area. As our Chief of Marketing Officer Celest D’Amore states, “Anyone can come up with an idea, but only some people have the true dedication and passion to bring it to life!”

            Quokka Brew is looking ahead and revolutionizing the coffee industry. With passion and ambition, the company is ready to make its debut and spread its belief in a healthy, jitter-less coffee that helps you be the best version of yourself.

            “This event has started a new chapter in our development,” states co-founder and CEO George Passantino. “The waves of Quokka Brew will truly begin to be felt.”