Quokka Team Highlights: April

Quokka Team Highlights: April | Quokka Brew

Each month, we will be highlighting members of our team that help to make Quokka Brew everyone's favorite coffee company. This month, we are turning the spotlight toward Alec Huth, Brian Nguyen and Miguel Sanchez. Whether they are designing stylish merchandise, stringing together digital artwork or pushing to lead sales, these three have helped spread and share the solution to coffee jitters with the world.

Name: Alec Huth
School: UC Berkeley
Age: 20
Hometown: Porterville, CA 

Describes herself as: Passionate 

Alec is a sophomore at UC Berkeley currently studying business, sustainability, and design. When Alec tried Quokka Brew for the first time she knew that she wanted to get involved, so she reached out and quickly became a part of the team! Ever since she has not only fallen more in love with the delicious coffee, but the team of people at Quokka Brew as well: “The people here are so hardworking and passionate about this coffee and using it to change the world; [Quokka Brew] has such great benefits for your health and it’s truly revolutionary for the coffee industry”.

In her free time, Alec loves to exercise, spend time relaxing at the beach, and bake delicious desserts such as cakes, cookies, and crepes! She also loves attending spin classes every morning!! Alec aspires to be someone that leaves a positive impact on the world, she loves making people smile and making people’s days brighter. If money weren’t an object Alec would travel everywhere and see the world!

Over the next few months, Alec anticipates that Quokka Brew will blow up and expand like crazy, becoming a household name and changing the coffee industry as it is right now.


Name: Brian Nguyen
School: Cal Poly SLO
Age: 20
Hometown: San Jose, CA

Describes himself as: Persistent, easygoing and adaptable

Brian is a current student studying business administration and accounting at Cal Poly SLO. He learned about Quokka Brew through a sampling on campus, and instantly fell in love with the drink! “The coffee not only tasted good, but gave me a lot more energy than any other drink. At that moment I saw it becoming the next big thing, and I knew I had to get involved,” he says. He soon became one of Quokka Brew’s top sellers, and when comparing his experience of selling Quokka with his summer internship at Aflack selling insurance, he noted that it was easier selling Quokka Brew, for he genuinely believed in the product and its mission.

When he is not chilling on his hammock or working out, he is in the kitchen trying out new recipes! One of his guilty pleasures is watching Korean Dramas, which he has had more time for during quarantine. Growing up Brian learned very early on that hard work and persistence can get you far in life and carries this with him through all his pursuits. He is a strong believer in paying it forward and lending a helping hand when someone needs it. If money were no object, Brian would spend his time traveling, eating good food, exploring new cultures, and gaining new perspectives on life.

In the future, he envisions Quokka Brew being on shelves next to all the big-name energy drinks and rising to be the number one coffee company in the nation: “Jitterless coffee is something no one has ever seen before and something that all companies want, so it's sure to contend with--and pass up-- all the big-name coffee companies in the industry”.


Name: Miguel Sanchez
School: UC Berkeley, Alumni
Age: 23
Hometown: Lynwood, CA

Describes himself as: Hardworking and easygoing

Miguel is a UC Berkeley alumni who majored in architecture with a minor in city & regional planning. By day he works as a full-time Project Engineer, and by night, he heads Quokka Brew’s Kickstarter campaign graphics. He joined Quokka Brew not only to exercise his project management and graphic design skills, but also because of the energy of the team: “I love the positive vibes and energy everyone always brings to meetings, how everyone collectively works and strives towards their goals.” Miguel thrives on keeping himself busy, and best describes himself as a hardworking and easygoing. “I feel like I owe it to my family and ancestors whose collective efforts have contributed to where I’m at in life. And through my hard work, I can better help the next generation.”

In his free time, Miguel continues to seek ways to improve his skillset and physical wellness. He enjoys learning about design and the associated arts through readings, informational videos, and general practice. Outside of design, he loves working out at the gym, hiking, and brunches in San Francisco (bottomless mimosas baby!).

He believes Quokka Brew is already top tier, but in the future sees the company making waves in the beverage industry and hopes it will cause consumers to consider the health benefits and ingredients when purchasing coffee and energy drinks.


Thank you for everything you do!

Stay tuned for next month's highlights and remember: no matter how you Quoke, make sure to always power your happy!