The Happiest Animal on Earth

The Happiest Animal on Earth | Quokka Brew

You might not have heard of Quokkas too often, but there's a good chance you've seen pictures of these funny animals all around the internet. First of all, what even is a Quokka?

A Quokka is a small, short-tailed wallaby with a cute face, round ears, and impressive tree-climbing ability. Quokkas are native to Western Australia, and are known for their cheeky little grins. It seems as if Quokkas are always smiling no matter what, and hence they are known as 'The Happiest Animals in the World.' The happiness of the Quokka is defined by 3 distinctive characteristics: they are curious and adventurous, friendly (known to take impeccable selfies with humans), and above all, they are fearless (since they evolved without a natural predator, they do not fear humans or other animals).

Okay, you are now definitely convinced that Quokkas are awesome. But you may wonder, why Quokka Coffee? Why name ourselves Quokka Brew? The goal behind our brand, Quokka Brew, is to provide a product that gives you the confidence, energy, and happiness of a Quokka. Our gourmet coffee, which is combined with our custom blend of organic amino acids, provides you with jitter-less energy. Our Quokka coffee gives you the energy to get through the day, while also delivering a calming wave of serenity that a cup of warm tea would bring on. We found that this effect leads to increased focus and even confidence--pushing you to explore outside your comfort zone and become the best version of yourself, just like a Quokka. Our long-term goal is to make the world a more friendly, proactive, and happy place--and we could not think of any better animal to represent our mission than a Quokka.