Our Founding

It was finals week at the University of California, Berkeley, 2018. George Passantino and Ofek Arush were cramming for their finals, and like most students - were drinking coffee. 

While Ofek was becoming jittery from all of the caffeine, George was beginning to feel ill—realizing how much sugar he was consuming and at that moment the idea behind Quokka Brew was born. The 5 months that followed resulted in over 200 variations of different roast combinations, heating techniques, and infusion of natural ingredients to combat jitters.

After receiving help from friends and professionals around the Bay Area, Quokka Brew perfected their jitter-less coffee, crafting the perfect combination of cold brew, almond milk, and our customformulated blend of amino acids and extracts.

Coffee has remained largely stagnant since its creation centuries ago, and on April 25th, 2019 the world got its first sip of Quokka and we officially embarked on our mission to change not only the way the world does coffee, but also the way we look at health as a whole.