How it Works

We didn't invent coffee, we just brought it to the 21st century. 


The team at Quokka Brew worked tirelessly for 5 months, creating a blend of all organic amino acids and natural extracts that are proven to reduce the jitters, stress and anxiety typically associated with caffeine.

On an anatomic level the way the blend works is by acting as a vasodilator, meaning it dilates (opens up) the veins. Caffeine is naturally a vasoconstrictor, meaning it constricts (closes down) the veins, this is what causes most of the negative side effects that are typically associated with caffeine. With our proprietary blend it opens up the veins and increases blood flow which reduces the jitters and releases the built up tension that caffeine brings on.

Additionally, all Quokka Brew products are 100% vegan, low sugar with only 1 gram, and significantly healthier than most other non-black coffee currently on the market today with only 15 calories.


Quokka Brew, Coffee that works for you.