Version Upgrades

Quokka Brew continues to listen and implement the feedback we receive from our customers about our product. Track our progress below.

V3 Upgrade - 09/01/2021

  • Upgraded our vanilla to a richer, full-bodied vanilla.

    Thus, perfecting taste profile.

  • Smoothed out texture and improved creaminess.

    This was achieved by adding a secondary frothing process.

  • Upgraded our organic flavors to remove aftertaste.

    Which now leaves an indulgent vanilla cream flavor.

V2 Upgrade - 05/19/2021

  • Balanced out sweetness levels.

    We reduced the amount of monk fruit to achieve the perfect balance of sweetness, in turn, eliminating any artificial-like aftertaste.

  • A more robust coffee flavor

    A lot of you wanted the coffee to have a stronger coffee taste, so we switched to Colombian coffee beans with a more robust flavor.

  • Smoothed out texture for a creamier mouthfeel.

    People wanted a smoother texture, so we spent months trying out different oat milk suppliers until we found the perfect one. Our oat milk lattes now have a creamier mouthfeel and superior sensory experience.

V1 Release - 12/15/2020

  • Quokka Brew Jitter-less Coffee is live!

    This day marks our initial RTD product launch.