Quokka Brew Referral Rules


Part 1/3: Refer a friend for the campus leader / retail associate position

You will receive a $50 reward for every campus leader and retail associate that is selected for the job, and works with Quokka Brew for at least 3 months. 


Part 2/3: Refer a Greek Org to get sponsored.

We produce philanthropy / rush / bid day shirts (non-Quokka branded) and for every shirt purchased, we will gift the org a free Quokka Brew. You will only get paid if the org places a t-shirt order through us and pays in full. If the org purchases at least 50 shirts, you will receive a $50 reward. 



Part 3/3: Refer dorm RAs and/or orientation leaders to allow us to sponsor them and their colleagues with free coffee for them and their students.

You will receive a $50 reward when the RA / orientation leader you refer agrees to help Quokka Brew expand, specifically by doing the following: agreeing to give their students free coffee which we will provide them with during the first week of school / orientation week, and messaging in their group chats with other RAs / orientation leaders to let them know about the opportunity to receive free coffee from Quokka Brew as well.

This reward is capped at $200 per university. The split of RAs/orientation leaders does not matter, but you cannot get paid for more than 4 individuals per university. Here are examples to make this clearer:

- If you refer 5 RAs all from UC Berkeley, and all 5 do their part for you to receive your payout, you will receive $200. 

- If you refer 3 RAs and 2 orientation leaders from Cal Poly SLO, and all 5 do their part for you to receive your payout, you will receive $200. 

- If you refer 4 RAs from UC Berkeley, 2 RAs from SLO and 2 orientation leaders from UCSB, you will receive $400. 



Nothing contained within this Agreement shall be construed to form any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, or employment relationship.


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