Black Coffee on an Empty Stomach Giving You Tummy Troubles? We Have the Solution!

Black Coffee on an Empty Stomach Giving You Tummy Troubles? We Have the Solution! | Quokka Brew

Coffee is perfect for a quick boost in alertness and productivity, but what happens when you drink it on an empty stomach?  When there is no food in your system to buffer your morning black coffee, it is possible that you will experience harmful side effects. 

One concern of drinking black coffee is that it stimulates the production of excessive amounts of stomach acid.  Not only does coffee naturally have acidic properties, but it also prompts the creation of more acid in your stomach to help with digestion.  Especially when drinking coffee on an empty stomach, this could lead to potential stomach lining damage, stomach irritation, indigestion, acid reflux, heartburn, or nausea.  

Black coffee also has been shown to raise blood pressure and increase levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.  Cortisol levels typically are at their highest in the mornings, and consuming black coffee naturally leads to its greater production.  Constantly increasing your cortisol levels can lead to detrimental side effects in the future, and black coffee on an empty stomach is widely known to produce symptoms of jitters and anxiety.

While drinking black coffee on an empty stomach leads to many negative side effects, Quokka Brew’s special blend is able to counteract these properties--granting you the energy you need, without risking a crash later.  While typical black coffees are vasoconstrictors, constricting your blood vessels in a way that increases stress later, Quokka Brew is formulated with amino acids that specifically ensure consistent heart rate by maintaining proper blood vessel flow.  It also includes ingredients such as almond milk, blueberry extract, and green tea leaf extract, which are the perfect natural complements for your morning beverage.  Empty stomach or not, Quokka Brew is a deliciously healthy coffee that grants you a fresh start to the day!

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