Generation Z Coffee Trends

Generation Z Coffee Trends | Quokka Brew

This previous year, the number of Americans who drink a cup of coffee daily reached a six-year-high, which made us curious to research what kind of coffee America is now moving towards. After surveying over 400 college students and young professionals, we have discovered that young adults choose what coffee to drink based on these 4 main factors (in order from most important to least): energy, taste, price, and health. 

We buy coffee for one reason, more than any other: in order to get the energy needed to concentrate and become more productive individuals. We also want it to taste good, and prefer to not spend over $5 per cup of coffee. Lastly, we care about what we put into our bodies, and therefore the healthier the coffee—the better. 

With this information, one may wonder: why do young adults still buy their coffees from the big coffee companies in the market? Why are people spending more money on unhealthy coffee? The reason is that the smaller coffee shops do not necessarily offer anything too different—many stores sell similar, unhealthy and overpriced drinks.

Quokka Brew, however, was founded to solve this very issue. Quokka Brew offers a low-priced and healthy alternative—the world’s first jitter-less coffee. After months of extensive research, the founders came up with the perfect coffee solution. Quokka Brew sells a triple shot espresso combined with our blend of organic amino acids (present in green tea) which hinders the negative side effects of caffeine. The drink contains 200 mg of caffeine, which is twice as much as your typical cup of coffee; that being said, it does not inflict you with any jittery or negative side effects! Additionally, we offer a sugar-free option, which is much healthier compared with the average cup of coffee—which contains around 10-15 mg of sugar. Our jitter-less coffee currently retails for only $3 per bottle!


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